Being a Filamerian students

September 5, 2008 at 3:28 am (My College Life)

 Without doubt, Filamer Christian College is a great academic institution they provide quality and holistic education. This school has been asset in the society that is why school take extra effort to give more chances to student to have a space for learning. They are initiating ideas that help for student on which they focus. Don’t ever wonder why mentors would have been protective and careful for whatever they would be teaching the student, knowing that whatever they place as input for them will be the basis for the output.

 As a Filamerian we are bound for our responsibility to become knowledgeable in our course we choose, and part of it is being a Computer Science student we are committed to improve and enhance our ability and skill through computer activities. Many of us strive to become elite when it comes to computer, and our school motivate us to become more aggressive and competent compared to the other school.

 As a Filamerian we also experienced a quality educator offer by the school, us we go along in our life as a filamerian we gain so much knowledge and information from school,enjoyable time with our teachers, classmates and friends make us very proud to become filamerian. Furthermore even we heard a bad impression as a filamerian, still we are standing & united to prove to them that we are good, simple but elegant in our on way.

 We are looking forward to be progressive in our choosing career and very step of the way we are carrying the name of our school “Filamer”, in success we know that we can make our school proud to us. And in down we can remember the good virtue and text from bible we gain from our school, to strive further to achieve the best.

 More over we are nurtured to become God fearing and good diciple of God. So in every fail we committed are not afraid to go on and go on in our way because we know that God is behind us. That It catch us when we fall, enlightened us when were in darkness and protect us when we are in danger.





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