Captivating Capiz – Municipality of Panay

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The Historic of Santa Monica Parish Church

Santa Monica Parish of Pan-ay, Capiz, the first center of faith in the Archdiocese. The thick wall are coral blocks and the flouring of marble and Spanish red tiles. The whole structure itself is a delicate expression of Spanish Baroque.

 Pan-ay church has three towering which display antique images. The altar frontals are made of hard wood delicately engraved and sculpture with ornamental designs. Wood and ivory images, old chalice, monstrance, chasubles sewn with gold thread, precious stone and silver plates are among the priceless treasure of the panay.

 Tales of How Pan-ay Got Its Name

 The town leaves three legends on how it got its name. The first say that when the spaniards came, they brought with them some bread to be offered  to the natives. A spaniards upon meeting one of the natives handed the bread to him saying “Pan” but unluckily it fell to the ground and the native exclaimed “ay”. So goes the first legend.

 The second as given by Datu Bankaya, a  malayan who left Aklan to explore the eastern half of the region, he called it “Panhay” a local term for “plain”.  

 The third and widely accepted from the spanish term “Hay Pan” which means “their is food” with all these tales though, there’s no one really who could say which of the tales is the real etymology of the word “Panay”

 The Biggest Catholic Bell in Asia

 The biggest Catholic Church bell in Asia, housed in the belfry of Sta. Monica Church, is gigantic bell whose booming sound can be heard eight kilometers away, the Sta. Monica Church is made out of 76 sack of coins collected from the townspeople though a quota system. Each barangay are well off families were required to donate one sack of coins or at least one half of it. It is about 7 ft. in height and 2 meters. In diameter and weight 10.4. The bell was completed on December 12, 1878. 

Incription on the Bell


            “Soy la voz de Dios que Ilevare y ensalzare desde el principio hasta

el fin de este pueblo de pan-ay para que los fieles de Ilesucristo vengan a esta

casa de Dios reciber las gracias celestiales.”


            I am the voice of God which shall echo and praise from the beginning till

the end of this town of pan-ay, so that the faithful of Jesus Christ may come to the

house of God to receive heavenly graces.(English translation by Msgr.Vicente F. Hilata). 



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